The Epiphany of the Three Kings at the Royal Chapel of the Alcazar

This painting from 1600 by Florentine artist Bartolomeo Carduccio is known as “The Epiphany of the Three Kings” is located at the Royal Chapel of the Alcazar of Segovia, where Spanish King Philip the 2nd married his fourth and last wife, Anna of Austria, in 1570. It is the one and only painting which has remained inside the building ever since it was painted, in 1600, until today. You may be wandering what the big deal is; you have to know that the fortress suffered a mayor fire in March 1862 where everything was lost after the whole building burned for three days; at that time, the Alcazar served as premises for the Royal College of Artillery, founded by Spanish King Charles the 3rd on the 16th of May 1764. The fire started in the lounge next to the Chapel, which was, at the time, the office of the Head of Studies; it spread rapidly and so some of the cadets entered the Chapel, rose to the altar where the painting was and, with the help of a common knife, tore the painting from its frame, folded it and threw it out of the window to the outside north garden. Shocking isn´t it? Come and visit Segovia, we will tell you may more stories like this…

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