Segovia and the Saint Patron

On the 25th of the current we shall be celebrating our Saint Patron festivity. His name is Saint Frutos (yes, like the fruits you eat) and, just like every other year, the miracle will take place and the saint will turn yet another page of his Book of the Apocalypse that gets us nearer the end of days every year.

Regardless whether or not you are a pious human being, the night of Saint Frutos is a fantastic opportunity to fill yourself with the local spirit and folk and also to have a few drinks with your friends and relatives. Just after midnight, locals will start to clear off the Main Square on their way home with a grin in their faces and perhaps feeling a little tipsy.

We will come back next week to talk about Spanish Halloween; if you want to get to know about local ghosts and legends, do not miss the opportunity to join the last Legends of Segovia tour this 2017on the 31st of October!

Illustration of Saint Frutos by Mónica Carretero.

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