“Segovia en estampas. Estampas de Segovia”.

The exhibition “Segovia en estampas.  Estampas de Segovia” starts today, the 18th of January at 8 pm in the Salas del Palacio at the Torreon de Lozoya.

It contains over 140 pictures of both the town and the province spanning from the 16th to the 19th century. The exhibition is sponsored by the Fundacion Caja Segovia together with the Diputacion Provincial de Segovia.

Yet another similar exhibition called “Imágenes de Segovia en las Artes de la Estampa” already took place in 2004, also held in the same lounge; it brought to light an important part of the collection belonging to Caja Segovia. The one launched today shows, as well as some pieces displayed at that time, another works never shown before in our town. These artistic draws, both pictures and books, shed light on visions of monuments, some of them no longer in place, works on the Aqueduct and the Cathedral of Segovia and the famous castle of Coca, amongst others, urban and rural landscaping by artists like David Roberts, Genaro Pérez Villaamil, Gustavo Doré o Vicente López. Until the 1st of May at the Torreon de Lozoya. More info at www.fundacioncajasegovia.es

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