This week everybody in Segovia is talking about the weather, and the snow of course, tons of it. In fact many of us (including myself) had never seen anything like this before, with roof tops near collapsing under the weight of the snow. The fire brigade was out yesterday doing all sorts of job related to this ice and snow storm. However, we have decided to show you what the Alcazar looks like at times like this, beautiful isn’t it? The locals, especially those over 70 say that this was the usual thing in winter many years ago but it is also true that the last time Segovia was so deeply covered in snow was about 20 years back.

The forecast says that it will possibly carry on snowing all the way until the weekend (at least) so please try to understand if you do book a tour with us this weekend and we have to finally cancel should the roads be full of ice (we are reaching -7 and -8 temperatures) or a heavy snow storm. All those booking tours these days will receive an informative mail with the latest information based on the national forecast agency (AEMET) and whether or not the tour can take place. This is our job and we are really looking forward to going back to normal. In the meantime, why not going back to childhood days and enjoy a ride sledging down the aqueduct or making a snowman??

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