The Fountain Season in the Royal Site of La Granja starts this Sunday, the 30th of May, after nearly 22 months of closure due to the pandemic. There will be 46 dates running until the 25th of August; two main routes have been designed with four fountains working per day every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 17:30.

Additionally, on the 30th of May, the 25th of July and the 25th of August, seven fountains will be working. For those who wish to see the show after dusk, the fountain of the Baths of Diana, one of the most beautiful ones, will be running every Saturday of July and the first three of August from 22:30 to 23:30.

Due to restrictions related to the pandemic, the capacity will be limited to 200 people who will have to book their tickets (4 euros) for the Fountain Season in advance through the website of Patrimonio Nacional. The fountains of the Palace of La Granja represent an exceptional ensemble within the frame of a beautiful landscaped garden of French tradition. The pressure drop hydraulic system is original from the 18th century and the most important amongst those preserved in historic gardens across Europe, with a stream hitting close to some 50 metres in height.

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