Don’t miss our tour the night of Halloween. A very funny and interesting tour about local legends and ghosts. You can even dress up for the ocassion!

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As from last week, we do have a new lad in town, he is the devil that, according to the legend, built the aqueduct in one single night. Do pay us a visit, take your selfie with him and we will gladly show you around.


This exhibition will be at the Torreon de Lozoya until the 3rd of March. It comprises almost a hundred works from the greatest Spanish coins as well as medals engraver; his name was Tomás Francisco Prieto. He worked extensively for King Charles the 3rd and was also director of the Fine Arts Academy of San Fernando. Schedules for the exhibition are Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm to 9pm and Saturday also from midday to 2pm.


From Thursday the 10th until the next 15th of May, Titirimundi, the international puppets festival will be back in town. This famous festival has been going on for quite a few years now taking place around the 15th of May. The streets and patios of Segovia are filled with this magic extravaganza of marionettes, artists and wonderful shows from all around the world. To find out more and download the programme and ticket offices, please go to

We would also like to remind you that next Saturday the 12th of May we will be holding the 2nd edition of the tour dedicated to the “Segovia of the 3 cultures”. Starting at the Main Square at 5 pm, and going through the very interesting history of cohabitation in medieval Segovia. Linguistic support provided for those who need it.


Don’t miss out, this Saturday, the opportunity of getting to know the three cultures Segovia back in medieval times. An official guide from the town will take you out and about in this very interesting tour, that will teach you many facts of the coexistence of Christians, Jews and Muslims; it will also give you the possibility of enjoying a quite relaxed language class for all our foreign visitors.

Please see facebook, twitter, web or meetup to make your booking. I already got mine!! See you this Saturday the 14th of April at 5 pm at the Plaza Mayor!


It is, without a doubt, one of the most stunning buildings in town, as well as one of the most scarcely known. We are talking of the Monastery of San Antonio el Real, located at avenida de Padre Claret, just where the aerial path of the aqueduct begins.

Built by the so called “Segovian king”, Enrique the 4th of Castile, half-brother of Isabella (the Catholic Queen) and a key figure of the history of this town, it was conceived as the convent where the Franciscan brothers would live until the time, after the king’s passing, that his sister Isabella would donate it to the Poor Clares, hence relocating the male Franciscans in the convent of Saint Francis (the Academy of Artillery these days).

This is an extremely beautiful monastery with a number of mudejar coffered ceilings dating back from the 15th century and miraculously almost intact.

A good portion of the building is used today as a hotel bearing the same name, amongst the most popular ones in town.

The convent is open to the public and it is well worth it paying a visit; the timetables are from Tuesday afternoon from 16:00 to 18:30, Wednesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 18:30 to Sunday morning from 10:45 to 14:00. Entry fee is 2 euros per person, 1.50 euros por groups over 20 people and free for children under 12, disabled and unemployed people.

Picture taken from the website of the hotel


Don’t miss out, the 25th of this month, this joint tour of Castellum and Escuela Habla,  held at the Museo Gastronomico de Segovia. You will get to try the tasty judiones de la Granja and will learn some interesting facts. The price of the tour is 15 euros per person and it includes the entry fee and tour around the Museo Gastronomico, an informative session on the judiones (large beans typical from this area) with the person who is responsible for the brand, specific language support and a full menu also including bread, wine and a special dessert. Just as well really, it is so cold lately that we could not think of a better plan for a Sunday morning, from 12:30 pm onwards. Limited tickets so book your space quick!