Castellum grew out from our own experiences as frequent travellers; our purpose is making visitors feel as a part of the very city of Segovia. Our routes wish to acquaint you with some of our history, culture and gastronomy through unique experiences. If you feel like having a good time with no hassle, getting to know amazing stories about one of the most monumental medieval cities of Castile, then look no further, we have got what you are looking for.


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Graduated in History of Art and senior technician in guides, information and tourist assistance, Sonia is an enthusiast of her home town, its art and history. She will get to show you every corner and alley of the city and tell you some incredible stories about life in the city during the Middle Ages.




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A professional interpreter and senior technician in guides, information and tourist assistance, she is madrileña of birth but segoviana by choice. Her love for the city where she lives has made her a compulsive reader and researcher of every piece ofi nformation that falls into her hands related to Segovia history.





 Castellum Free Tour Segovia

FreeTour Segovia


1 Start: Aqueduct | 2 half-way through | 4 end Alcazar


Gastronomy Tour


1 Start : Main Square | 2 Gastronomy Museum of Segovia | 3 Bar/Restaurante “El Sitio” | 4 Bar/Restaurante “San Martín” | 5 Bar/Restaurante “Lali”


Beyond the city walls Tour